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NOT PowerPoint

Say “No” to Death by PowerPoint

“Isn’t this just PowerPoint?” is something we often hear. Let us show you it’s a whole new world. You’ll be amazed at what fun it is.

Fresh, hot games and interactions!

Here’s a sample of interactivity! It’s a bit like opening an oven so you can smell the cookies. Let’s talk about how to make yours.

Joseph Dowdy, Proprietor

Feel free to look over the career of our proprietor which covers a great deal of media communications roles and Internet-focused work.

It's Learning As If By Magic
...But How Do We Do It?

  • Incorporate the latest in adult learning theory using classic objective-driven tasks.
  • Employ modern visual/auditory/reading/kinesthetic learning styles whenever possible!
  • Avoid anything that looks like PowerPoint because we know how painful that can be!
  • Deploy military-style learning techniques (outline, demonstrate, reinforce and test).
  • Create client-specific games which tie into their industry/philosophy/culture for FUN!!
  • Using games to learn is absolutely the most effective means of training!
  • Always remember that our biggest challenge is to keep students off their smartphone!


Joseph Dowdy has been instrumental in taking our project with the U.S. Army to provide six 2-hour courses of interactive training with quizzes, exams, and certifications for Army Housing Academy. Joseph comes to us with years of training experience, veteran status and learning theory understanding to provide content that has delighted our client. Joseph created Army-themed games that won praise from the executive management overseeing the project.

He has worked with us both on-site and remotely an hour away at his home. The project has taken a bit more than a year finalizing all of our scripts with SMEs from the Army and Joseph has remained focused and creative. His approaches to interactive training from an end-user-first helped us keep perspective. We will continue to work together on future projects if possible and I highly recommend Joseph for work on any Articulate Storlyline 2 project.
Ichiko Kido
Project Manager
Joseph Dowdy created an interactive HTML-based interactive video program we used on our website and shipped as a CD-ROM to attendees in advance of the live program we produced called NexTrend Conference: Dynamic Shifts in Global Logistics. Speakers at the conference included former Congressman Steve Kuykendall and Dr. Martin Wachs, Director of Transportation, Space and Technology with Santa Monica-based Rand Corp and we played segments of the program before each speaker.

Today it is only available on iTunes as an audio podcast version of the program.

Joseph Dowdy was part of the division's support mechanism. From his support, the division was able to create an interactive protocol that increased the provision of service to corporate clients.
Chito Cajayon
Dean (Former)

“MY COMMITMENT IS that when I help my clients, they can count on me to bring a customer service ethic: I am not satisfied until they are thrilled and I believe in doing all I can to make sure they achieve their goals. The result is that their trainees are just as thrilled with the end result!”

Joseph Dowdy, Proprietor

Government Contracting

We are registered in the System for Awards Management (SAM.gov) as an SDVOB.

DUNS: 167909634
NAICS: 611420, 541612, 541511,
561499, 611430, 541430

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Corporate Customers

The proprietor of Beachhead Communications has been instrumental in or solely responsible for producing training and media programs for:

US Army, Toyota, Verizon (formerly GTE), FMC,
Santa Monica College, Mission Linen Supply,
as well as numerous individual entrepreneurs.

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